About Me

My name is Magda.
I love Karkonosze Mountains in Poland, which history inspirated me to name my stall. The history of Karkonosze’s colonisation is shrouded in obscurity. The first significant nation, who was settling those lands since IV to I B.C was the Celtic tribe of Boii. Theirs heirs were the Korkonti and they first named the Karkonosze Mountains.

We know that thanks to Ptomeleusz, who put forward for the first time, in II A.C., the geographical name of Korkontoi on the map. Many historians think that the Korkonti were the first preslavs on those lands.How long they were living there – we don’t know, but we know for sure, that their legacy continued with the Bobrzanie – the first Karkonosze’s slavic tribe. In the early medieval period, Slavs kept intense contacts with Nothern people, i.e. the vikings. The common life, art, manners and beliefs of both these cultures were a contribution to creating my stall.

I am reenacting ancient crafts. I do different kind of weavings ( tablet/card, heddle, inkle, 4 shaft loom) and embroideries ( early medieval time ). I use silk, wool and linen yarns. I weave complicated silk bands and big blankets / tapestries. I also sew historical clothes based on findings from East and West of Europe. It is my work and a big passion. I am travelling with my workshop and I show people different details of my work. I tell about natural dying, viking embroideries and textiles. I am fascinated in Byzantium and it’s influence on early-medieval Europe. Every year I am visiting many festivals in Scandinavia and other European countries.

I am a propagator of the Modern Weaving trend as a modern variety of weaving. My style refers to the contemporary trends of returning to nature. With my natural works I try to attract people who associate traditional weaving with grandma’s wall tapestries with naphthalene fragrant . I try to show people that weaving does not have to be boring, that it can use different materials, that Nature can be the inspiration. Therefore, in my works I often use herbs, dried plants, feathers or sheep fleece.

I am open to collaberation and it’s always a pleasure to make new contacts.


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